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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Introduction to #GradBloggers

I’ve got some pretty big and exciting news! I’m starting not only a new blog series, but also a new hashtag!

Since finishing university, I’ve realised that there isn’t really a place for graduates. It’s as though you finish being a student and you instantly lose that ‘community’ that you’ve had for years and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to have a discussion. I know a lot of fellow bloggers who began while they were at college or university and who have since graduated and started the rest of their lives but there isn’t a place specifically for us to discuss our experiences and what happens when you leave the education bubble.

This is where #gradbloggers comes in. I’m really interested in finding out about other people’s experiences of university and what occurs after it ends, because obviously there’s so many different courses and industries that everyone has a different story. Whether it’s the awful post-uni limbo, or going straight into an internship or career, I’m really keen to explore it. My plan is to interview an array of graduates and discuss the events that occur after university wraps up. Depending on the feedback that I get, this may progress further to something along the lines of a Twitter chat where graduates can share their experiences amongst people that understand and can relate. I’m really keen to start this series next week and hopefully there’ll be a new post every two to three weeks with a range of graduates from different backgrounds in a range of situations. I’m going to start off by interviewing myself and then reach out to others so if you’d be interested in featuring in #gradbloggers or know anyone who would be keen then let me know over on Twitter.

Soph x

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